Evil Dead (2013)


As I’m sure many of you know (if anyone is even reading these) a remake of The Evil Dead was recently released into the cinemas, this new movie is now called simply ‘Evil Dead’.  I have loved the Evil Dead movies ever since I bought my first ever DVD, which happened to be Evil Dead II: Dead by Dawn.

Here’s a trailer for the new movie.

WARNING – there will be spoilers from Evil Dead here, if you haven’t seen it stop reading now.

(Bonus Content at the end)

I really liked ED, they used elements from the original, putting a new twist on them, and adding in new elements.  It starts off with a scene where a girl is chased down in the woods, we then find out she is posessed and her father then proceeds to burn her and then blows off her head with a shotgun, in order to save her soul.

The we’re introduced to the main cast Mia (Jane Levy), David (Shiloh Fernandez), Olivia (Jessica Lucas), Eric (Lou Taylor Pucci) and Natalie (Elizabeth Blackmore). They go to the cabin in order to help Mia get clean, there is some strife between  the characters throughout the first half of the film due to his absence.  They eventually find the trap door to the basement, which leads them to the room from the first scene in the film and the Naturom Demonto.  Of course 1 idiot cuts open the barbed wire surrounding the book and reads the inscription despite all of the warnings scrawled across it’s pages.


They all get possessed 1 by 1 except David and starting with Mia, and they all get killed 1 by 1 with all sorts of weird stuff happening in between. We learn that the demon, Shaitan or Satan, needs 5 souls to rise.  David eventually saves Mia, only to get killed himself by the last deadite. The demon somehow rises and Mia is left alone to defeat it, long story short, the trusty chainsaw rears its head and saves the world.

I though this was a great movie, a good mix of scares, drama, gore and a little bit of comedy mixed in for good measure. The mix of old and new elements work perfectly creating a really enjoyable film.  The actors are all well chosen, I particularly like Jane Levy as Mia, and was really glad they chose her for the leading lady. If you enjoyed the previous Evil Dead movies, you should enjoy this one. I liked it so much, I went to see it twice.

Here’s a video I made which includes the bonus content that played during the very end credits.

If you haven’t seen the original trilogy, I advise you give them a look  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Evil_Dead_(franchise).

Here’s the trailer for ‘The Evil Dead (1981)’



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