Star Trek/ Star Trek: Into Darkness Double Bill.


Hey there guys, about 3 days ago I had the pleasure to get to see Star Trek (2009) in IMAX and Star Trek: Into Darkness 3D IMAX at a special late night screening in Cineworld Dublin.

I was really excited that I was able to get a ticket, as I tried to go to the Avengers/Iron Man 3 in 3D IMAX about a month ago, as the tickets sold out very quickly.

My Ticket 🙂


The first movie started at 21:15, so naturally I was there at 20:45 so I could relax before Star Trek.  I also received a free poster of the Enterprise flying past a Sun (too large for the scanner).  After a quick introduction the movie began.

I was really excited to see Star Trek in the cinema, as I never got to see it first time around.

Star Trek

Here’s a trailer for Star Trek (2009)

So Star Trek (2009) is an origin story for the original Enterprise crew, showing how they all ended up on board.  However, JJ Abrams decided not to go up against the beloved stories that people have come to live, and put a twist on the story (explain later).

The Film starts with the USS Kelvin being attacked by a Romulan ship, George Kirk (James T’s father) takes control of the ship after the captain’s brutal demise at the hands of the Romulans, and saves the majority of the crew, including George’s wife and recently born son.

We then briefly get to see Spock & Kirk as young teenagers, before we see them as their final incarnation.  Using the memory of his father, Kirk is convinced to join Star Fleet, and after being insulted about his half human lineage Spock also desides to join Star Fleet.

After 3 years, Vulcan is attacked which means that all the cadets must man the vessels to lend assistance.  Nero ( Romulan Villain) destroys Vulcan .  Spock kicks Kirk off the ship where he runs into the original Spock who travelled back in time with Nero.  This time Travel creates an alternate timeline, so that nothing will be as it would have been. Kirk then finds Scotty and gets back on board before becoming Captain, by pissing off Spock, before they both beam on board Neros ship, which is now targeting Earth, and save Admiral Pike and destroying the ship.

It looked incredible in IMAX, and I was so happy I got t see it in the cinema 😀


Star Trek: Into Darkness

Warning: Spoilers after this Point!

Star Trek: Into Darkness was a really enjoyable film, more enjoyable than the first, with more humour but also a darker overall story than the first one.

Heres’s the trailer:

The film starts with the crew of the Enterprise breaking the prime directive to save a planet and rescue spock’s life.  After that Kirk is demoted and Spock reassigned.  Around this time, a man in London agrees to blow up  a building,for a mysterious man,in exchange for his daughter’s life to be saved.

A meeting is called of all the captains, first officers and admirals currently on Earth to discuss the threat of the mysterious man, now identified as John Harrison (Benedict Cumberbatch), an Agent of Star Fleet intelligence. The meeting is attacked by Harrison, during which Captain Pike and many others are killed, before Harrison teleports to an uninhabited region of Kronos.

Kirk is made Captain once again and Spock put back on the Enterprise, to head to Kronos and destroy Harrison with an advanced photon torpedo, after a change of heart Kirk takes a small band down to Kronos to capture Harrison alive, they are attacked by a Klingon patrol before Harrison singlehandedly takes down 30 Klingons and 1 ship. After hearing of the Torpedos, Harrison gives himself up. (I personally hat the new design of the Klingons, less warrior and more pierced plastic surgery junkie)


After questioninging Harrison, they find out he is really an ancient super soldier (from the eugenics war) called KHAN NOONIEN SINGH, he was brought out of deep sleep following the attack by Nero, in order to create bigger and better weapons and to help turn Star Fleet into a more militaristic institution, and that the torpedoes are actualy filled with Khan’s frozen comrades.

After Star Fleet hears of Khan’s capture, Admiral Marcus (who has gone mad with the thought of war) in a Dreadknought class battleship to destroy Kirk, Khan and all the evidence.

The Ship becomes disabledand Kirk & Khan manage to get aboard and take out Marcus and his men. Inevitably, Khan turns on Kirk, crushes  Marcus’s skull and takes control of the ship.  Thanks to quick thinking by Spock ( removing the cryotubes and setting the torpedoesto explode, before teleporting them to Khan’s ship as a prisoner exchange) the Dreadknought is disabled but has enough power to fly to Earth, to destroy Star Fleet, thankfully it misses.  The Enterprise gets knocked into earths gravity and due to the previous battle has no engines.  Kirk sacrifices himself to restart the engines in a scene reminiscent but reversed of the ending to ‘Wrath of Khan’. Now enraged Spock (:-)) heads to Earth to kill Khan for Kirks death.  Bones discovers that Khan’s blood can bring back Kirk, with Uhura stopping Spock before he beats the life out of Khan.

The film ends 1 year on at a memorial of the disaster, and the Enterprise being sent on a 5 year exploratory mission, with Kirk reciting the Captain’s Oath, a very memorable quote:

It was an immensely enjoyable night, IMAX is the best way to watch a movie, it makes the other screens seem inadequate, the movies wer great, and Into Darkness exceeded my expectations!

If you’re a fan of Star Trek, or science Fiction in general, you will have a great time watching Into Darkness, especially Benedict Cumberbatch who excels as Khan, and I can’t wait for Season 3 of Sherlock.



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