The World’s End – Cornetto Trilogy Complete.

For those who don’t know, when Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg & Nick Frost were touring with Hot Fuzz, a comment by one of the journalists prompted Edgar to jokingly state that the films they were creating were the Cornetto 3 Flavours Trilogy similar to the French 3 Colours Trilogy, which also let people know, that they could exp[ect at least 1 more comedic adventures from this great trio – and with this week’s release of “The World’s End”, the Cornetto Trilogy is complete.

Just to clarify, Shaun of the Dead featured the Strawberry (Red) Cornetto, which I believe symbolises the violence, blood & gore.


Hot Fuzz featured the Classic (Blue) Cornetto most likely to symbolize the Police (Boys in Blue). 


And The World’s End feature the Mint (Green) Cornetto, but I am at a loss as to how green symbolizes the apocalypse, however it may be green for the Aliens (Little Green Men).


Click on the following links to see the trailers for Shaun of the Dead, & Hot Fuzz .

Here’s the trailer for the World’s End.

WARNING: Spoilers beyond this point!

The movie starts out with Pegg’s character Gary King, telling his AA or NA group about how his 4 mates tried to complete the Golden mile – 12 Pubs, 12 Pints, 1 Night – after finishing secondary school, they failed after the 9th pub.  A comment from a fellow AA prompts him to get the gang back together to try it again.


Gary then proceeds to lie to all 4 of his former mates – all of whom have been successful in their lives – and somehow convinces them to try again, using his mother’s ‘death’ as the clincher.

When they start the Golden mile, things are awkward, we meet Oliver’s (Martin Freeman) sister Sam (Rosamund Pike), the guys arent happy with Gary, especially the fact that he never grew up.  In the 4th Pub ‘The Cross Hands’ a pissed off Gary starts a fight with a teenager and accidentally knocks his head off, revealing that the kid was an alien robot. The other 4 lads join him along with 4 more robot youths and a hilarious inky (blue blood) fight takes place with arms and legs being used as clubs.

Gary convinces the guys that continuing the Pub Crawl will keep them below the radar. For the next few pubs, they seem to be succeeding, but everything goes tits up in the 2 headed dog, they meet back up with Sam in ‘The 2 Headed Dog’, after Gary telling her what’s going on, she get’s attacked by the twins.


They make it to ‘The Mermaid’, they try to blend in and get their DNA taken by the Aliens, we learn from still human local Basil (David Bradley) that the Aliens make copies of the people from their DNA and get rid of the originals, but co-operating humans are left alone. Then we see the lads being seduced by the marmalade sandwich (2 blondes with a red head in the middle).


They run for the Beehive, and after an attempt by the aliens to get the Lads to join them, they refuse, discover Oliver has been replaced by a ‘Blank’  and all hell breaks loose, with a great fight scene where Andrew really comes into his own, a really enjoyable fight which could have been really gruesome only for the blue blood.

Untitled picture

They run for it and regroup in the smoke house after Gary sends Sam home to safety.  The robots are now out in numbers searching for them, so the lads decide to stay indoors in the next pub to avoid them. On the way there, Peter (Eddie Marsan) takes out his childhood bully and gets captured.

Gary becomes obsessed with finishing the Pub Crawl, even to the detriment of his own safety, and runs from pub to pub avoiding the aliens, with Andy chasing after him, but at The World’s End, he wont let Gary continue, and finally finds out about what happened to Gary since school, when he see’s the bandages and medical bracelet on Gary’s wrists. Gary manages to get to the tap and pull it, but instead of beer he activates an elevator.  At the bottom, ‘The Network’ (voiced by Bill Nighy) explains what their doing on Earth, after an argument about this , during which Steven (Paddy Considine) shows up, ‘The Network’  gives up and decides to leave Earth, cue world wide explosions with the guys narrowly escaping to live in a post apocalyptic wasteland.

World's End explosion

I really enjoyed this movie, I laughed louder and harder than I have in a while, and probably a little more than my fellow patrons were comfortable with.  The movie is well paced, and the fight scenes are well choreographed and kept just this side of unbelievable (when you forget about them fighting alien robots).  There are some sad parts to the film which helps to balance out the movie, like with the previous 2 flavours.  Some great cameos by Nighy and Brosnan, and some pieces that might feel out of place in  another movie – like the recurring explanation of Robot meaning slave, and the aliens are not slaves :-).  A very enjoyable movie, with a good story, great action and mad better as the main characters are pissed drunk for the second half of the movie!!!

If you haven’t seen it , I advise you do, I will be going back 😉

Worlds End Official UK Quad_



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