My Favourite YouTube Channels!


Like most people in this technologically connected world, I enjoy watching videos on YouTube, sure I like the Fail compilations and music videos and such, but my favourite channels are those that create content especially for the internet medium, there are probably about a dozen or so that I would watch from time to time, but below I go through the 3 I like the most, and also linking you to a few similar and almost as awesome channels.



Freddiew consists of Freddie Wong (who the channel was originally named after), and Brandon Laatsch.  They met each other while attending the University of Southern California, in the School of Cinematic Arts.

The videos that are created by Freddie and Brandon vary a bit, but most of them are based on games, movies and other fictional properties.  They create some great vids, like first person shooter vids (live action) and have also released 2 seasons of a web series called Video Game High School (VGHS). The vids are really fun, some quite funny, and some quite famous, featuring Eliza Dushku, and Jon Favreau (in a Cowboys vs Aliens inspired video).

The guys star in the majority of their videos, along with fellow YouTubers and some professional actors & stunt men, they also film them and do the special effects on them.  All in all the guys work hard and create some pretty awesome videos!

Here’s one of their videos, showing what these guys think the future of motion control gaming might look like:

Similar channel: CorridorDigital

Epic Meal Time


Epic Meal Time started as a couple of Canadian friends deciding on filming the creation of an epic pizza, after the popularity of the video, they decided to create the videos full time.  The group is headed up by Harley Morenstein   Epic Meal Time is a YouTube food show with a twist, instead of focusing on haute cuisine or restaurant cuisine, the guys make a massive meal every week, showing us how it’s made and then eating it.  The recipes often involve copious amounts of bacon and plenty of fast food.

Some people think their disgusting, but most of the time I end up licking my lips and salivating while watching these videos.

On top of the ordinary show, they have added Epic Chef – pitting 2 chefs against each other to create an epic meal in a set time. And Handle it – a show where the EMT guys instruct yo o how to create some of their epic meals.

Here’s a video they made to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving – The Turbacon Epic:

Similar Channel: Sorted Food

Epic Rap Battles of History


This is a music channel, but probably not any musicians or should I say rappers that you have ever heard of, unless you have seen the channel before.  It originally started out as collaborative videos between the channels NicePeter & Epiclloyd, before the started the ERB channel. The videos that they create take the form of an epic rap battle (no duh) between 2 or more characters, some of which are based on real (sometimes deceased) people and some are based on fictional characters, bringing you battles like ‘Santa vs Moses’, ‘Sherlock vs Batman’ and even ‘Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney’.

The videos are great, the raps enjoyable, and with some really great beats in the background, which will keep you coming back for more. I sometimes even watch the playlist of all episodes to make the work day pass more quickly.

Season 3 of the rap battles will start this month, with Hitler vs Darth Vader part 3.

Here’s an Epic Rap Battle, this time between Adam & Eve about timeless problems:

Similar Channel: Schmoyoho

These are currently my favourite channels, but as new channels are being created every day, who knows what could be my favs by 2014.

Let me know what channels that you enjoy the most 😉



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