Digital Marketeer Seeking a Permanent Position!

Hello again everyone.


My name is Andrew Thompson, but most of you have known me as AndrewGAT up until now, and you can continue to do so, if you wish 😉

I have been unemployed since the end of January this year, and have in my entire career only held contract or temporary positions. It has gotten real old, as over the course of these temporary jobs I have developed friendships with my colleagues, and then at the end I have to leave, leaving those friendships behind.


I have worked for a Marketing Agency called Goosebump as a Marketing Account Executive, my first real workplace, I really enjoyed the work, despite a lot of running around the city, and it was there I realised I really wanted to be in Marketing, and that I was quite good at it. After that I started a course in Digital Marketing with the Digital Skills Academy, and during it I worked for a charity called the Edmund Rice Development.

During the DSA course, I also had to complete an industry project with a multi-disciplinary team.  We had to create a Tablet gaming App for 4-6 year olds, based on Keg Kartoonz ‘Pencil Pilots’.  I was tasked with Marketing it, despite the fact their only mention of it was ‘Marketing would be a help’.  I then took the opportunity to challenge myself, creating almost a dozen videos, a 3-part Comic, a bespoke website, blog posts and plenty more.

PP Collage

I worked for a few months as an editor for a website – TheManPackage, but due to the owners reluctance to work with others and ‘perfectionism’ he sonn stopped contacting me.  Near the end of my DSA course, I started working for tech Company Jaspersoft, now TIBCO Jaspersoft, and I enjoyed my time there, despite the fact most of it was spent compiling potential client lists.  I got along really well with them, and was sad when they were unable to keep me on, but to show their gratitude, they gave me a Samsung Galaxy Tab.

That job ended at the end of January, and I have essentially been unemployed since then.  For more experience, and to keep my self busy, I started working with Dublin Comedy Improv, Ireland’s longest running improv group, to manage their PR & Marketing. It takes up very little of my time, but I get to try new things and they seem very appreciative.

DCI Postcard

I have also recently decided to start learning HTML from the internet, so far so good.


I am currently looking for work, for  a full-time position in Marketing, I live in Dublin and would prefer to find a job here, but if the right job came up I would move for it.

If any of you know of any jobs I might be good for, please get in contact:

To see a comprehensive list of my Skills & experience please visit my LinkedIn page:


AT BC Wordle



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