Half Light – A serious issue told through a fantastical story

Half Light Title

Half Light – Bombinate Theatre

As part of 2016’s Tiger Dublin Fringe Festival, a group of college friends led by Mollie Molumby brought Half Light to the New Theatre in Dublin’s Temple Bar, for a very successful run.

Half Light tells the tale of Robin, a 10 year old boy, whose father has been growing distant over the past days & weeks. One night, when Robin should have been fast asleep, he decides to sneak out to his father working in his office, but doesn’t find what he was expecting. This is where Robin’s adventure begins, when he is swallowed up by his father’s storybook.

Half Light Lost in the woods

Half Light – Bombinate Theatre

On the surface, Half Light is a 10 year old boy’s fantasy journey through the woods to find his father one night. Beneath the surface, it is the story about a man’s struggle with depression and how his 10 year old son reacts to his father’s struggle. Despite it’s serious message, Half Light is a funny & heart-warming story accompanied by original music and songs, plus some very convincing sounds by the cast.

I really enjoyed Half Light, it keeps you interested throughout with the great songs, audience inclusion and a well paced story, that expertly mixes the humour & music with the heavier message.

Half Light is directed by Mollie Molumby and was written as a collaborative effort by Molumby and the majority of the cast. The characters are portrayed by Fionn Foley (Robin), Martha Grant, Richard Durning, Kerill Kelly (various) and Juliette Crosby (Crow). Fionn Foley also composed the original songs for the play, with additional songs and score by Durning.

Depression is a serious issue, especially in Ireland. One of the major issues is people feeling embarrassed to open up about it, or feeling like they’re the only one in this situation. Hopefully, shows like this will help feel comfortable enough to come clean and seek help.

Half Light Fly away crow

Half Light – Bombinate Theatre

Half Light had a great initial run during the Tiger Dublin Fringe Festival and is about to start a 5 night run in Smock Alley Theatre as part of the 2017 First Fortnight Festival. There will be one performance every night at 7:30 pm, with an additional matinee performance on Saturday 14th at 2:30pm. There will also be a post performance discussion on Wednesday 11th. Tickets are available through Smock Alley or through the First Fortnight website.


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