Just a collection of what I believe to be some great videos!


Paul Walker Fast & Furious 7 Tribute video.

Courtesy of Wiz Khalifa.


Mrs Brown is getting her big screen debut at the end of the month.

Courtesy of Universal Pictures Ireland.


Game of Thrones Season 4 is almost here!!!

Courtesy of Game of Thrones.


A promo vid by Sony, recounting the previous 3 console generations. I really liked this ad, brought up some great memories!

Courtesy of Sony Playstation.


HELL NO: The Sensible Horror Film. How people would most likely act in Horror movie situations. Very funny.

Courtesy of Pixels per Second.


A campaign from Heineken, use the motion sensor to collect the pieces to the puzzle and receive a souvenir.

Courtesy of Media Land.


A new campaign from Nike. If you can do something, try and reach further. Look out for the cameos.

Courtesy of Nike.


DevinSuperTramp is an awesome Youtuber, this is a great extreme highlining video, awesome visuals and some nice music.

Courtesy of DevinSuperTramp.


American Horror Story returns for it’s 3rd season, this year’s story is called ‘Coven’

Courtesy of TelevisionPromosDB.


Mirror’s Edge 2 was confirmed recently, here’s the trailer.
It looks like the game is going to be a prequel, going through Faith’s origins. Looks great, can’t wait to play it!

Courtesy of The Media Cows.


If you didn’t know, I’m Irish, & RTE have launched their Autumn line-up.

Damo & Ivor, Republic of Telly and Love/Hate – Can’t wait!!!

Courtesy of RTE.


THOR: The Dark World – Official Trailer.

I must say, I am getting quite excited for this movie after seeing this.

Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.


PS4 Greatness Awaits

I thought this was a great video, with some great references to the awesome games that the Playstation has hosted, but when you view the interactive video, it opens up a whole new world filled with new info and lots of freebies.

Courtesy of Playstation.


Cool Adidas Campaign – Do Adidas Sneakers make you jump higher, they can if it means you get sneakers for free. Great simple idea, with great music!

Courtesy of Adidas Basketball.


AMC have released the first trailer for Walking Dead’s 4th Season! It looks great, and I for 1 can’t wait!!!

Courtesy of HDDreew


It has finally arrived – almost. The first proper trailer for VGHS Season 2 – Yay!!!

Courtesy of FreddieW/BrandonJLa.


Very cool campaign by Molson Canadian Beer.

Wish they brought it to Dublin

Courtesy of Molson Canadian.


Sorry – but I really quite like this song, great for dancing too ;-p

Courtesy of Psy.


Launch trailer for Last of Us

Courtesy of IGN.


A lazy day on Dublin’s King Street South. Loving the Summer weather.

Courtesy of Me.


Great campaign for a Museum in France, ‘What if Facebook existed during World War I’

Facebook 1914 – Case Study from CampaignsOnline on Vimeo.

Courtesy of Campaigns Online


World War Z comes out on June 21, the book is incredible , can’t wait for the movie.

Courtesy of Viso Trailers


One of my favourite Marketing campaigns, very creative, fun, unique and based around Rugby 😉

Courtesy of Interact Workers


Will Smith & his son (including some surprise guests) on the Graham Norton show.

Courtesy of BBC


Corridirdigital’s latest video 1st person vs. 3rd person – Splinter Cell

and the behind the scenes of the video


Epic Rap Battle between Gandhi & Martin Luther King Jr.

Courtesy of Epic Rap Battles of History.


Debut Trailer for Riddick, the latest instalment from the Pitch Black series

Rule the Dark”

Courtesy of Machinima


Using the potential power of Social Media to help save lives.

Courtesy of Civil Right’s Defenders


30 Seconds to Mars – Kings & Queens

Courtesy of 30 Seconds to Mars VEVO


Heineken Ignite

A marketing campaign to make Heineken the centre of the night out, using the bottle as the focus.

Heineken Ignite Innovation from DDB & Tribal Amsterdam on Vimeo.

Courtesy of DDB & Tribal Amsterdam


Dublin in 9000 Pictures

Courtesy of Matthieu Chardon



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